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Globalization has improved the chances of doing business across the globe. There is nothing one cannot procure from any corner of the world. This is possible not only because of the growing opportunities all over the globe for producing various goods but also due to the excellent connectivity between countries. To make this possible there are lots of processes involved. An item has to be produced initially. The next step is to store it properly. Then comes the dispatching of the item. Dispatching has to be done flawlessly and efficiently, and this is the responsibility of the professionals in the domain of shipping and logistics.
Someone who has integrated knowledge about shipping and dispatching is required in this job sector. As the supply chain market keeps growing, there is a huge demand for shipping and logistics professionals. While all graduates can find a place in this domain, it is best suited for those who have a degree in logistics. There is also a Masters’ degree for those who want to know more about the framework of this job market. This is a recession-proof career, as there is no market without a retail supply chain these days. Due to this very reason, this sector has become the most sought-after opportunity. Digitalization and deployment globally have improved this job sector in multi-fold ways. Also in developing countries, the economy of this job sector is in trillions, which means this attracts the fresher and experienced logistics professionals alike.
This strong pool that has multiple needs for human resources is an area that has to be explored a lot. The economic growth is immense, and there are more opportunities like transportation, supply chain management, and warehousing. There is also the need for experts in various domains, like from the field of computer and data analytics. The skillset of data analytics, project mapping and warehouse management system are much required here. Someone from information technology and science, commerce, business management, trade and accounts, foreign trade, and international business can find this domain apt.
There are diverse opportunities for a professional who enters into this job sector. When a professional works on skill upgrading, there are chances of this job sector being a gold mine. This exciting opportunity has no gender bias. Here are few areas one can excel at when entering into this job sector:
  • Freight forwarding
  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • E-commerce
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo terminal operators
  • Port operators and ICDs
  • Shipping lines
  • Road transport
For people involved in this job sector, each day is interesting. One can be sure that there is no day that is monotonous. Every day there is something new and interesting happening. For professionals who are ready to upgrade the skills and ready to face new challenges, this job sector is always refreshing.
Some of the sub-sectors in the shipping industry include –

  1. Freight: When shipping lines use the ships to carry the goods across the globe it is the freight, and this falls under the maritime industry. Some also refer to shipping goods via air and road as freight. It is also a huge sector in itself.
  2. Shipping lines: The cargo carriage moving from point A to another point in the ocean, which again falls into the maritime industry.
  3. Manufacturing: This can be of any industry. From cars to toys, goods manufactured in different parts of the world are sent to different places for selling.
  4. Maritime Industry: The backbone of trade of various countries that include the Arabs, China, India, and Egyptians. Sailing and improved methods increase the profit and lower the sailing time.
You can find different job opportunities with varying responsibilities when employed in this sector. The sector is very fast and includes a wide variety of job opportunities.
What are the skills required in the shipping and logistics sector?
For anyone employed in this sector, any graduation is the basic requirement. But with the growing needs of the economy, the demand for professionals who have done graduation in the discipline of logistics is higher. Also, data analysts, information security experts too have great opportunities in this sector. Here is the list of other skills one should possess if he or she wants to shine in this sector, such as –
  • Ability to think and see big: When employed in this sector, the professional needs to look at things at a higher level. The entire process has to be visualized from start to end. This is because in supply chain management when there is a mistake, even a minor one, the entire process may go haywire. So, it is inevitable that he or she checks things on a higher scale.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is a crucial factor that helps to sustain in this job sector. It is one of the industries, where the trends keep changing every year. So, for a successful logistic career, this is a must-have skill.
  • Ability to work under pressure: This is a fast-paced sector and there is immense pressure that one must deal with. When one cannot handle the challenges that come with the job, there can be a huge loss of money. Decisions made in a fraction of a minute can change things entirely. Hence, to work in this sector, one must have the ability to work under high pressure situations.
  • Problem-solving skills Efficient problem-solving skills are required to be a successful professional in a logistic career, as there are many procedures involved and one might have to face a new challenge every other day.
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of skills
  • Project management proficiency
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Numerical and analytical skills
  • Peak planning
  • Dispute management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Ensuring efficiency and safety
  • Inventory levels
  • Managing inventory
Job Designations in the sector of Shipping and Logistics:
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Deck Engineer
  • Marine Coordinator
  • Shipping Executive
  • Logistics Manager
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